Features of St. Vincent's Convent School

1. Located at the center of the city.
2. The oldest English Medium School of the city.
3. Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers.
4. The most disciplined school.
5. International standard of teaching.
6. Well furnished Physics Lab.
7. Well furnished Chem. Lab.
8. Well furnished Biology Lab.
9. Well furnished Compu Lab.
10. Well furnished Library
11. Regular classes for Dance
12. Regular classes for Yoga
13. Regular classes for Art
14. Regular classes for Music
15. S.U.P.W the Craft class
16. Students Councilor to find out problems of the students
17. Through N.C.C students learn discipline.

 Co-curricular Activities

Besides normal academic, co-curricular and associate activities, this institution following the healthy tradition of an ideal 'gurukul', always endeavors to draw out the best in each individual student. Keeping their complete personality development in view 4 houses - Red House, Green House, Gold House and  Blue House  each under the supervision of two teachers . The efforts of the students culminates in preparation of models, charts and a lot many exhibits which are put up in annual exhibition, sports field and Annual function.

Games & Sports
To ensure smooth physical and mental development, the students are provided with a large variety of games facilities-Football, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Soft Ball, Hand Ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Tenni Coit, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Athletics  etc. The school maintains adequate number of well equipped courts. Further, students are provided with the facilities of a large number of Field & Track events in sports. Their performance culminates  in Annual Sports held in every  alternate  years. school produces National players in different disciplines. The mass P.T. builds the child 's all round development.  

Well equipped laboratories exist in the school for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where the students are encouraged to learn the things practically. Different types of practicals are  performed. Students exhibit their chart, models and projects during the Annual exhibition. Now a days the need for extra - reading is indeed great. they should be encouraged in this direction through all possible means.

Library  The need for a school library service in a modern school is no longer an issue for debate. School with a good library service have better instructional programs than those with out an effective library service. The best use of the library can be assured by scheduling the time time table so that all students visit library regularly. Now a days the need for extra reading is indeed great. They should be encouraged in this direction through all possible means.