School Activities

Computer training has been introduced as a part of  School curriculum and as a  Subject for ICSE board exam.   All the students get the training in Computer . Students  from classes III to X are given training in the courses like Logo, Basic,'C' , Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access,   and Blue J. Students make projects and represent the school at district and state level Computer Fairs and bring laurels to the school.

Dance : It  connects the life of students with some external feeling. It co-ordinates the action, rhythms and thoughts of students.

Art : Students learn creative problem solving while developing personally and professionally .
It's their own world inside here, Sometimes they forget there is another side of campus. The day in the life of an art student is one that demands pure commitment to the task at hand and knowing that if done correctly, everything will work out in the long run. Sacrifices are a must. To be an art student you have to have a vision. You have to be driven and you have to love what you create and what you are capable of creating,You have to love and deal with criticism and always be willing to change. You have to be comfortable with what surrounds you and be able to work under pressure.

School Library: The need for a school library service in a modern school is no longer an issue for debate. School with a good library service have better instructional programs than those with out an effective library service. The best use of the library can be assured by scheduling the time time table so that all students visit library regularly. Now a days the need for extra reading is indeed great. They should be encouraged in this direction through all possible means.
Craft: It teaches students to make best use of waste to produce useful things. Which are manifestations of one's creative thinking.
Sr. M. Marie Therese, the Students Councilor, Counseling the Students and trying to find out their problems.

Music : It reflects the strong aesthetic sense of students. It gives expressions to the creative abilities and talent of students bringing out the best in their. It gives a platform and right exposure to the students for harnessing their talent.

Yoga : It instills in the students mind a deep faith and understanding of the benefits of meditation. It keeps the outfit healthy which is the outermost need of every student.