St. Vincent's Convent School, Brahampur, Dist. Ganjam, Odisha 760001, was founded in January 1954 by the Daughter of Charity, of St. Vincent De Paul. The management was transferred to Mother M. Gemma, B.S. a Catholic religious sister and Superior General of the Congregation of the sisters of Little flower of Bethany, Mangalore on May 10, 1979 to cater to the educational needs of the locality. At present the school is administered by the Bethany Educational Society, Mangalore; a Christian Religious Minority Institution. the Bethany Educational Society is registered under the society Registration Act XXI of 1860 No 17 of 1948-1949. Its head office is at Bethany Convent Mangalore. All the members of the Bethany Educational Society are Catholic nuns belonging to the Congregation of the sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The society runs formal and non-formal educational institutions all over the country.


St. Vincent's Convent School, Brahmapur, Ganjam , Odisha 760001, was founded in january 1954 by the Daughter of Charity, of St. Vincent DePaul. The Management was transferred to Mother M. Gemma, B.S. a Catholic religious Sister and Superior General of the Congregation of the sisters of Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore on May 10,1979 to cater to the educational needs of the locality. At preset the school is administered by the Bethany Educational Society registered under the society Registration Act XXI OF 1860 nO.17 OF 1948-1949. All the members of the Bethany Educational Society are Catholic nuns belonging to the Congregation of the sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The society runs formal and non-formal educational institutions all over the country.     Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis Calmillus Mascarenhas, The Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany under whose patronage this school was established, consumed by a indefatigable zeal for the education of the poor and marginalized, the rural girls. He longed for the total emancipation of Indian women and was convinced that it could not be achieved without education. His spirit and faith in God ...... . He was a man of vision, down to earth and compassionate. His penetrating vision enabled him to look far ahead, which directed his works to fulfill the future needs. His charisma can be Summarized in one phrase "Service Born Out of Love" .                                                 














 Institutions of Bethany Educational Society

                        Central Delegation
                                St Theresa's School, Bendur, Mangalore, D.K. Dt
                                St Sebastian's Higher Primary School, Bendur, Mangalore,  
                                St Joseph's High School, Kankanady, Mangalore, D.K. Dt
                                St Joseph's Hr Pry School, Kankanady, Mangalore, D.K. Dt


                        Bangalore Province

                                St Martha's Higher Primary School, Mudigere, Chikamagalur
                                St Martha's High School, Mudigere, Chikamagalur Dt
                                St Martha's Pre University College, Mudigere, Chikamagalur
                                Sacred Heart Higher Primary school, Basrikatt          Chikamagalur        Dt School,                Basrikatt Chikamagalur Dt,
                                St Rita's Higher Primary School, Dornahally, Mysore Dt
                                St Joseph's Convent School, K R Nagar, Mysore Dt
                                St Mary's Eng. Higher Primary School, Arsikere, Hassan Dt
                                St Mary's High School, Arsikere, Hassan Dt
                                St Mary’s Composite Pre University College, Arsikere, Hassan
                                Nirmala Girls' High School, Sagar, Shimoga Dt
                                Loyola Composite Pre University College, Gadenahally,  Hassan Dt
                                Loyola High School, Gadenahally, Hassan Dt, Karnataka
                                St Ignatius Higher Primary School, Gadenahally, Hassan Dt
                                St Antony’s Eng Hr Pry School, Ponnampet, South Kodagu
                                Jyothi High School, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore
                                Jyothi Eng Med High School, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore
                                Jyothi Composite P U College, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore
                                Jyothi Higher Primary School, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore
                                Bethany Primary School, Mudigere, Chikamagalur Dt
                                Gulabi Hr Pry School, Bangalore, Karnataka
                                Gulabi Girls' High School, Bangalore, Karnataka
                                St Joseph's Kan. Hr Pry School, Sagar, Shimoga Dt, Karnataka
                                St Joseph's Eng. Hr Pry School, Sagar, Shimoga Dt, Karnataka


                        Western Province

                                Ave Maria High School, Sirsi, Karnataka
                                St Michael’s Convent Higher Primary School, Dandeli, North Kanara
                                St Michael’s Convent High School, Dandeli, North Kanara
                                Presentation Convent Hr Pry School, Dharwad, Karnataka
                                Bethany Convent High School, Salcete, Goa
                                Bethany Convent School, Panvel, Raigad Dt, Maharashtra
                                Sacred Heart Hr Pry School, Santibastwad, Belgaum
                                Avw Maria High School Sirsi Uttara Kannada District
                                Loyola Convent School, Gadag
                                Loyola High School, Gadag
                                Loyola Composite Pre University College, Gadag
                                Bethany High School, Chittapur, Grlbarga
                                Shishu Vihar Higher Primary School, Chittapur, Gulbarga
                                Presentation Girls' High School, Dharwad, Karnataka

                        Southern Province

                                Bethany Eng. Med. Upper Primary School, Uppudi, Andhra Pradesh
                                R.C.U.P. School, Pallikunnu
                                St Michael's Girls' High School, West Hill
                                St Joseph's Convent School, Kalpetta, Kerala
                                Msgr Raymond Memorial School, Chempanoda, Kerala
                                St Paul's Hr Sec. School, Thenhipalam


                        Northern Province

                                Stella Maris Convent Secondary School, Sultanpur
                                St Vincent's Oriya Primary School, Berhampur
                                Sacred Heart Convent School, Ramdas, Amrithsar Dt, Punjab
                                Bethany Convent School, Tora Bargarh, Orissa
                                Bethany Convent School, Ushamatu, Ranchi Dist, Jharkhand
                                Bethany Convent School, Mc Mandro, Ranchi
                                St Joseph's Convent Punjabi High School, Bathinda
                                St Joseph's Convent Secondary School, Bathinda
                                Bethany Convent School, Naini
                                Sacred Heart Convent School, Barnala
                                Sacred Heart Convent Sen. Sec. School, Ludhiana
                                St Vincent's Convent School, Berhampur
                                St Theresa's Con. Sr. Sec. School, Karnal


                        North Eastern Province

                                St Maria Goretti's School, Kolasib Mizoram
                                Mary Mount School, Aizawl, Mizoram
                                Holy Cross Convent School, Dharmanagar, Tripura
                                St Joseph's, Higher Secondary School, Viswema, Nagaland
                                Bethany Convent School, Gorchuk, Guwahati
                                St Francis Assisi School, Mamit, Mizoram
                                Bethany School, Sulantu, West Bengal

Aim and Objectives of the Institution

Aim of the Institution:

To Provide a sound education designed to train it's pupils for blue the world of tomorrow imbued with the zeal and sprit of  service . The school strives to develop the whole personality (Body, Mind and Sprit) of the pupil in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility.

Our Goal:
The goal of our educational Endeavor is fullness of life for all, especially the marginalized, the rural poor and the girls, through an integrated formation, in partnership with God to build His Kingdom.

Our Vision:
Is to promote the glory of God by the holiness of the members of our institution and the service of the “Kingdom of God”

Seven Core Values:

1. God Experience :

To help the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others and teach them to pray and live in accordance with the dictates of God.

India characterized by a deep quest for the experience of the divine. The deep spirituality of India attracts foreigners to India seeking God experience. An educator who has little experience of God will make every little spiritual impact on students and the people. People are more captivated by an experience of God than theories about god, holiness than intellectual arguments and witnesses than preachers.

Awareness: Fr. Tony De Mello tells of a disciple who went to the master and asked for a word of wisdom. It was the master's day of silence. so he picked up a pad and wrote. It said 'awareness'. When the disciple saw it, he said "this is too brief, can you expand on it a bit?' The master took back the pad and wrote, "awareness, awareness, awareness". The disciple said, 'Yes , but what does it mean?' The master took back the pad and wrote, 'Awareness, awareness, awareness means awareness'.

Awareness is also the core of spirituality and God experience. Awareness must grow up into a full awakening to the divine extending to all persons and to all creation.

Silence: What role does silence play in the acquisition of contemplation ? In these times, I think, we have the extremely urgent need to recover this spiritual dimension in our lives viz. silence. Contemplation is a journey into profound silence, for it is the language of the spirit. If one desires to be attune to God, there is need for interior silence. The Psalmist says. "Be still and know that I am God" . There is a need to create exterior as well as interior silence by the elimination of all external noises, distracting thoughts, desires, anxieties and passions.

'Deep calls for deep'

'Peace is speaking peace'

'Solitude is greeting solitude'

'Silence is dwelling with silence'

2. Compassionate love for all, specially for the Poor and Marginalized:

God created all human beings equal to His own image and likeness. the inequalities which disfigure people today, are manmade, and are, therefore, against the will of God. It is the faith in the Divine Fatherhood and Motherhood of all created beings that makes us deeply concerned about one another, especially the children of God who are 'pushed out of the mainstream'. Hence, the call to create, a more humane and just society based on the Gospel values and compassionate love for the poor and the marginalized. In accordance with our Charism and the spirit of our Institute the girl children, the women, and the marginalized have to find a privileged place in our service.

Monsignor Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas founded Bethany to uplift the poor and marginalized especially the rural girls through education. He longed to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. He opened schools in the remote parts of Karnataka and later extended to other states too. his vision of serving the poor is materialized through our mission of formal and non-formal education, social and medical apostolate in various places form Kanyakumari in the south to mid ranges of Himalayas in the North, from Mizo hills in the East to Maharastra in the west. He is quoted as saying to them, "Love all equally. If one is allowed to have favorites, it ought to be the poor, who are the least blessed by nature". When the poor children didn't reach the school or dropped out on account of poverty, he went in search of them.

3. Communion, collaboration and team spirit:

The spirit of Team Work and foster communion and Collaboration in our Institutions

"Team-Spirit" is a double coined word. "It contains 'team' which means an organized batch and 'sprit' which means the inner force and motive of the organization. And therefore it is said "United we stand and divided we fall."

Team spirit involves sacrifice. It is based on the principles of 'mutual self-help' and 'give and take'. the individual ambitions are drowned in the desire to ensure the prosperity of the group .

Team spirit encourages us to toil to gather in close collaboration with each other. It helps in sharing views, mutual understanding and respect for each other's opinion and views. Team spirit presupposes union of two or more persons bound by agreed aims and ideals. It gives each member full scope to exercise, one's creativity and initiative and to assume full responsibility in ones' field. Team spirit acknowledges the contribution of each member for the success of any work done helps to fight against egoistic tendencies. Team spirit helps us to be selfless. It infuses zeal in all its members, making them eager to achieve their goal. It promotes unity togetherness and solidarity.

Team spirit enhances the growth of the members of the team through exchange of experiences and difficulties. It promotes openness and welcomes self-evaluator process, aimed at the betterment of the performances of individuals in the team and the group. Team spirit fosters collective initiative and creativity, making the impossible possible, through pooled efforts and united strength. It leads its members to work in union and harmony linking everyone a cohesive indispensable whole.

4. Respect for life, Nature, Cultures, Religions and Love for the Nation:

To promote love and profound respect for all forms of life, nature, cultures, religions and love for the Nation.

The right to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the human person is at stake and needs to be protected. It is sad that even age more than 50 years of the Declaration of human Rights, women continue to be deprived of their basic rights.
Religion, which is meant of foster harmony and peace has become a cause of division. Mother India, lovingly called Bharata Mata is divided on the basis of language, state, culture, religion and political parties.

There is violence in all forms. Violence is the encroachment on the fundamental rights of an individual or a group. .among the forms of violence, which we find around, we note the following in particular:

5. Simplicity of life style and Dignity of Labor:

To instill in the staff and students the value of dignity of labor, simplicity of Life and community service.

Simplicity of life is an inner attitude, which becomes obvious in one's life. It is the hallmark of true greatness. Simplicity means the quality of being at ease with oneself and others. it is the traditional Indian value and is also a value very dear to Bethany. simplicity of life style and dignity of labor go ad in and . A person of simplicity is considerate towards all especially the less fortunate.

Simplicity refers to being unassuming, ordinary and without artificiality. Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought. simplicity avoids unnecessary and careless spending on superfluous goods and luxury. It cultivates simple living life-style and self-discipline, shuns pomp and show. it makes a person very humble and human and does not stand on formalities. It relates to all and sundry without any distinctions of status. Simplicity casts out all envy and jealousy.

Dignity of Labor The world has shrunk to such a global village, that today more than ever before, human beings have become conscious of the interdependence on people who do various kinds of work. It is also a happy sign of the times that the dignity of work and labor has come to be recognized anew , in India too. Work has beauty and work has dignity. Hard labor always results in prosperity. It is an asset to the nation to have good, hardworking people as the 'head' , for labor possesses dignity as its ' crown' and self-respect as its 'staff'.

Dignity of labor impels us develop a respect for all kinds of work and equal respect for intellectual and manual work. It stems form the realization that every individual must contribute his share or quota of work for the battement of society, according to his abilities. Belief in the dignity of labor motivates a person to accept any job as worthwhile and take pride in it and is characterized by perseverance, diligence and an eagerness to do and give off one's best. It enables us to accept any job and being worthwhile; to the friendly with our colleagues, classmates and with other workers.

6. Truth, Love, Justice and Peace:

To respect and uphold the rights and dignity of every human being to be loving, transparent, accountable and just in our personal and institutional life and work diligently for peace.

Mahatma Gandhi said-'"Truth and non-violence are perhaps the most active forces you have in the world"

Truthfulness referrers to complete sincerity and honesty. It prompts a person to be faithful to one's words amid to be straight-forward. Truthfulness is the sign of a truly integrated person. It shuns all lie and duplicity.

It makes on row in fidelity to one's commitment. It overcomes all fear, passions and compulsions and makes a person adhere to moral values and principles.

As human beings our perception is conditioned by our childhood experiences, training, education, culture. Hence even though. we seem to be seeing the truth and reality, we fail to see it in its totality. the tendency of each one is to cling to the partial reality that we have seen and which they claim to be the full reality.

The quest for truth is embedded deep down in the hearth of each person. the cry of our Mother India, 'lead us from darkness to light, from unreal to real, and from death the immortality' is echoing in the core of each and every Indian. India has declared its beliefs in the power of truth by accepting ' Satyameva Jayate' as the national motto. The towering Ashoka pillar is a symbol of our firm belief in truth. they have enriched us with their dreams, aspirations and realizations. "Where words come from the depths of truth, in to that haven of freedom, O' God, let my country awake", was the aspiration of Rabindranath Tagore for each and every citizen of our country.

7. Excellence in terms of developing each one's unique potentials to build a just and human community:

To facilitate the staff and students to develop their multiple intelligence and also to enhance their positive self-image and self esteem. To guide the pupils to seek knowledge which leads to truth and to make learning a joyful experience of discovery and creative thinking .

Every normal individual is able to develop each of these intelligences to some extent, if appropriate pedagogy to develop core skills offered to the child. We need to stimulate the intelligences of every student and recognize in each individual, the intelligence that he/she has to a high degree, and provide appropriate opportunities to enhance the respective core skills.

The accelerated rate of change in society and the situation of violence and lowered threshold of tolerance specially in the young has awakened thinking people to the importance of Emotional Quotient (E.Q) over Intelligence Quotient (I.Q). Since the publication of the groundbreaking book 'Emotional Intelligence' by Daniel Gollman, educators at all levels from kindergarten to the training in life skills. Our core value 'Excellence to build community' challenges us to evolve content and pedagogical tools to train the young in what is called the 4th R that s relationships.

Components of emotional intelligence include:

a. Awareness of one's emotions,

b. Accepting them,

c. Learning to express important elements in an appropriate manner.

One of the most important elements in Emotional Quotient and intrapersonal intelligence is to help us to have positive self-image and self-esteem. We should give high priority for these two aspects for several reasons as it is assumed that majority of people suffer from poor self-image.

Secondly all aspects of one's behavior are dependent on one's self-image. Thirdly and most importantly, childhood and youth are the times, when persons develop their self image and self identity. And precisely during this period of their life, the negative messages that they receive contribute to their poor self image. The negative feed back that the child receive from his/her teachers leads to a great extent to poor self-image of the child.

Daniel Gollman suggests many methods to help children to have healthy emotional life. He describes a school, which has self-science as part of its curriculum. A teacher in the School has developed an innovative method to create emotional awareness in the children. As the roll is called each child instead of saying 'present,' calls out a number that indicates how she feels, one means, low spirit, ten means high energy. On a day when the spirits are high the roll call will go like this, 'Jessica,' 'Ten, I am very happy because I am going out tomorrow. It is a holiday'.' Patrick,' 'Nine, excited, a little nervous.' Susan' ten, peaceful and happy.' A high E.Q state sets the spark of creativity and originality in a child to grow.

Another area we need to pay attention to the development of Spiritual Quotient's) in each student. the value of S.Q in a child's day-to-day life specially in moment of crises is beautifully exemplified in the life of Prutha Desai, a girl of 12 from Ahmedabad who was crushed under a beam of concrete during the January 26th , 2001 earthquake. Prutha lay buried under the debris for 30 hours. Describing what sustained her during those frightening hours and kept her hope alive, she says that she continuously and repeatedly called on the name of God felt the powerful protective presence of God close to her. she also remembered a story that her father had told her of how God takes care of us in our life's struggles.

Eric Fromm says, 'Life has and inner dynamism of its own; it tends to grow, to be expressed, to alive.' By encouraging the child's inner dynamism we can help every child to develop his/her individual identity and personality to a high level of excellence and lead them to build community.